Snow-ly Moley: Pics And Tweets From The City's Movers & Shakers About The Blizzard

by Sun Kersor · January 27, 2011

    The blizzard has taken over the city; this morning you were either boots deep in the white stuff or smartly snug in bed. The storm's true  extent was not covered in any of the print editions of major newspapers, because the niveous blast happened mostly over night. We've been left to Twitter, Facebook, and the like to discover how the city is responding to the  whiteout.

    Check out this photo of Katie Couric pushing Barry Diller's Maserati out of a Central Park snowbank (pulled from Foster Kamer's Tumblr).

    Editor-in-chief of Gotham and Hamptons Magazines Samantha Yanks tweeted, "Snow series my neighborhood is breathtaking."

    Allison Silver, Opinions Editor over at Politico, sent this photo of a realistic snow man sculpture. Is that John Boehner frozen under there?

    On his Plixi, "Housewives" hubby Simon van Kempen wrote, "Wow at least another 15" overnight & the chums are happy as schools are closed It's a snow day! Now back to bed"

    CNET's Caroline McCarthy tweeted: "Looks like it's officially the snowiest January on record in NYC."

    GofG's own Rachelle Hruska captured Jane St last night...

    and this morning...

    On his flickr, foursquare's Dennis Crowley had a cathartic moment: "Holy shit, there's a lot of snow outside."

    On his Tumblr, he noted via Instagram a canceled Amtrak train. Do not even think of leaving this city.

    BoweryBoogie caught some of the action from Ludlow St.'s midnight snowball fight.

    Gillian Hearst, socialite and Associate Editor at Town&Country, tweeted "19 inches of snow in Central Park."

    Tinsley Mortimer was gobsmacked: "Wow SO much snow!!"

    The City's Chief Digital Officer, Rachel Sterne, has been using her twitter for humanitarian aid: "The Mayor will give an update on the storm response at 9:30 a.m. Watch at or NYC TV Channel 74."

    And she kept  the public informed on closings: "Due to the snowstorm, both La Marqueta and Essex Street Market are closed today."

    She's also rocking a Tumblr here.

    Michael Bloomberg, for his part, said, "For the record, I had to wait a whole minute and a half for my train to downtown Manhattan."

    This great isle did O.K. with cleanup, but apparently Brooklyn's Prospect Park hired day laborers to shovel snow at $11 an hr, one dollar less than Manhattan offered.