Sorry, Studies Show Your Friends Don't Actually Like You

by Christie Grimm · May 6, 2016

    It's a sad day. Or a happy day. Depends on how you look at it really. You've probably spent a better portion of your life - your entire adolescence for sure - tragically convinced that your friends don't actually like you. That joke that Jessica didn't laugh at. That one time Kevin cancelled on movie night. And, OH MY GOD. Seriously Jessica!?!? She tagged everyone else in the photo but you?!?

     A new study released by Plos One reveals a pretty disheartening aspect of a concept you've likely never wanted to think too much about, "Friendship Directionality." AKA all those people smiling stupidly in your Facebook pictures may be your friends - but about half of the time, you won't be their friend. Yeah, fucking terrifying idea, no? As if the threat of unrequited love wasn't bad enough, there's now the inescapable reality of unrequited friendship. 

    So yeah, that's the bad part. But the good part? You WEREN'T paranoid. You were right! Jessica and Kevin DID hate you! At least there's that?

    [Photo via @gigihadid]