Which Clairvoyant Will You Trust For A Big Lottery Win Tonight?

by Sun Kersor · January 4, 2011

    Feeling lucky this new year? Psychics have been weighing in on lucky numbers to choose for the $330 jackpot tonight. What are the stars telling you...?

    The Post has an amusing story about prognosticators around the city who claim to have answers to the drawing.

    One Bronx spiritualist named Chris Ochun, who reads African cowry shells and chants, claims a female New Yorker will take the cake but have to split the spoils with someone out of state.

    The snail shells don't reveal the numbers, but apparently, Ochun recommends 5,6,52,66,44, and 27. Willing to take a goose...a gander?

    The winner, he says, will be a Gemini.

    The Post interviewed Susan Miller, founder of astrologyzone.com, who has reason to believe there will be a big winner tonight.

    "Somebody will win because we have a partial eclipse of the sun in Capricorn," she said. "An eclipse has incredible power--it's like three new moons rolled into one."

    She also said Geminis have an edge.

    Ready to add some umph to your new year?

    [Image via RTV Channel TV]