The First Peek: The Hudson Hotel's Good Units

by Chiara Atik · February 10, 2010

    Good Units, the new basement night spot in the Hudson Hotel, opened last night with a party for Interview Magazine's 40th Anniversary. Yesterday, we predicted Good Units would be one of the major breakout hotspots this fashion week. Below, we have the first glimpse of the venue...-

    The Subterranean space is decorated with graffiti art, and last night had blown up Interview Magazine covers on the walls. The most remarkable thing about Good Units is how completely adaptable it is; basically just a huge empty space that can be customized according to the event, and large enough to accommodate Fashion Week crowds.

    The night spot does seem to have one major problem though...

    @fneel: Amen. RT: @davidcho Good Units? More like Horrible Units With No Cell Phone Reception.

    @refinery29: Sorry, sorry! No service at Interview Mag's 40th anniversary party at the former 1930s YMCA at the Hudson Hotel's new joint Good Units...


    Good Units is gonna have to do something about that cellphone reception if they want to make it a destination for today's all-tweeting all-blogging all-texting young crowd.

    @carsongriffith Glad all agreed Good Units made me feel like I was in American Psycho sans Patrick Bateman + Mary Kate Olsen.

    Tough crowd, eh, Good Units? Well, it was only the first night. We'll keep checking back to see how the new venue fares through the rest of the week; it's certainly got a busy schedule.

    Interview Magazine Party roundup coming the meantime, go HERE to check out more pictures by Sunny Norton and tag yourself and your friends!