Good Will Hunting wouldn’t have screwed this one up

by guestofaguest · November 7, 2007


    [MIT University Stata Center]

    Famed architect Frank Gehry who designed MIT's Stata Center (at a cost of $300 million) is being sued for what MIT perceives as design flaws. It seems that most of the flaws are either minor, according to Gehry, or can be expected from such a complex and ambitious type of building.

    Nonetheless, MIT is probably not happy about the extra money they have had to put into the center that they didn't expect. But then again, with the building's price tag, aren't these repairs (which are in the 1-2 million range) just a drop in the bucket? Legal fees alone are going to be in the hundreds of thousands.

    It is of course ironic to have engineering difficulties at MIT, and we are confident that if Will Hunting had had a hand in it, the buildings would be problem free so long as he didn't design it hammered while watching a Red Sox game.

    Hopefully Princeton University won't have the same issues with their new Science Library that Gehry designed.  Gehry is our Dr. Suess.


    [Princeton University Science Library]