"Starchitect" Juergen Mayer H. At Relative Space

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 22, 2010

    Juergen Mayer H., a German architect who describes his firm's design style as "beyond the blob," and MoMA curator Andreas Lepik hosted "GlobalArchitecture" at Relative Space New York, which featured a Sweat Shoppe laser art installation and time to sign Mayer H's "ARIUM" book for architectural buffs.

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    Just as "Brangelina" is comprised of "Angelina" and "Brad," Juergen is a "starchitect," which describes how he's achieved extreme notoriety for his work. Starchitects generally concern themselves with avant-garde work and probably only work for people like Brad Pitt, who can afford to have tree-stump chairs and windows so big you can see Jupiter in his house (both of which are awesome).