The High Line Gets A Perfume

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 26, 2010

    Laurice Rahme's newest addition to her Bond no. 9 perfume collection, which embodies the "smells" of New York, is a scent that encapsulates the trendiest park of all, the High Line.

    We all love the High Line, but it's a public place, so the idea of creating a scent inspired by where that happens seems...a little...odd? However, seeing as the price tag for a 50-milliliter bottle of "The High Line" will sell for $145, we bet Rahme decided against using the notes of any unpleasantries.

    In fact, Rahme describes her newest creation as a "real, local, New York railroad-track fragrance," and that "eighty percent of the notes come from plants and flowers that grow on the High Line."

    So it probably smells like a place where city meets country. Maybe it's something like a mix of vendor hot dogs and fresh cut Hamptons grass? ("Au de Fourth of July," anyone?) We just wonder how it compares to the other fragrances in the Bond no. 9 collection, like Brooklyn, Central Park, and Wall Street! And somebody should tell Sarah Jessica Parker it looks like there might be someone else who loves New York even more than she does.