Last evening, Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner turned out to the Lower East Side's Landmark Sunshine Cinema to premiere their latest must-see, Wakefield, hosted by The Cinema Society and FIJI Water. A passion project for all involved, the indie film follows the story of Howard Wakefield, an unremarkably normal suburban father and husband who one day finds himself drawn to disappear from his life altogether, hide out in the attic of his garage to watch as his family continues their days without him. So yeah, as his beard begins to grows to its longest point, and his nails approach Howard Hughes levels, the beloved Breaking Bad actor proves himself master of the IRL ultimate ghosting job. Impressive to say the least.

As the film was shot in just 20 days, Cranston joked about the intimacy classes he and Garner took prior to filming in attempt to build the believable relationship projected on screen.

Following the hit, the stars and guests partied the evening away at the penthouse of Hotel on Rivington, sipping on cheekily named Qui tequila cocktails, like "Wakefield's Secret" and "The Vanishing."

Lastly, in a slightly related digression, it's pretty obvious that we should all be able to agree that Jennifer Garner has never looked better, no?

[Photos courtesy Patrick McMullan]