Miami Or NYC? Who Has The Better NYE Parties?

by guestofaguest · December 29, 2009

    Lady Gaga

    UPDATE: This twitter account is a fake! It is NOT Eugene Remm. The club-owner doesn't even have an account. Go figure! Now you know...

    @eugeneremm: f*ck miami! we got new years eve locked down in NYC!!! @SL we have madonna, dj jesus, angelina jolie, tom cruise, diddy, bono, sting, tiger. from web

    While most Americans hail NYC as THE city to celebrate New Years in, most New Yorkers get the hell out of dodge for the holiday that tends to bring in massive waves of tourists to the city's streets. Miami is an especially popular hotspot.

    Many club owners choose to bring their party south to venues like Fountainbleu (hosting Lady Gaga this year), the Delano, the Shore Club, and others. But who will have the better party scene?

    Eugene Remm (one half of the EMM group that owns TenJune, S&L and others) is placing his chips on NYC this year. Whether or not these big names (Madonna, Angelina, Tom Cruise) will turn up at his party at S&L as his Tweets imply is anyone's guess.  We will, of course, make sure to check in on all of the parties before and after the big night. Stay tuned.