New Years Eve Party Roundup: Where Everyone Went Ahead And Lost Their Dignity After All

by Rachelle Hruska · January 4, 2010

    NYE at the Hotel on Rivington

    UPDATE: More photos HERE! Here's the thing about New Year's Eve, no matter where you find yourself on the globe, you should never leave your house. Although this is a widely known fact, for some reason, the majority of our species become enemies of themselves on December 31st.  Let's sift through this year's evidence shall we?

    NYE is just another reason for white people to show off their gansta signs:

    It's also the perfect time to show off your drinking skills;

    And oh the bathtubs of champagne, never forget the bathtubs:

    It's a chance to catch your favorite band/Djs ring in the new year:

    Wynn, Las Vegas

    MSTRKRFT, Webster Hall

    Lady Gaga, Fountainbleu, Miami

    Girl Talk, Congress Theater, Chicago

    And for guys to score with girls in pretty dresses and loose inhibitions;

    Meghan Asha, Julia Allison

    Meghan Asha, friends, Julia Allison

    The bottom line is this. If you are going to make New Years Eve a "night to remember" don't get your hopes up. It will never be as good as you imagine it will be. Also, leave your cameras at home and make sure your friends do the same. There's nothing worse than seeing your drunk, overly done up self in someone's facebook album. There is no erasing that kind of evidence.