Growing up an "Eloise of the Waldorf," alongside sister Paris, and carrying the name of a hotel chain empire, Nicky Hilton has always been an A-lister. Yet one slightly underdeveloped, all things considered. With the inherent makings of a social force, she has all too often, and seemingly all too happily, taken the back seat. After all, it's hard to stand out when you're standing next to your sister, whose skirt is hovering up near her chin. Ah, the days of short skirts and unbelievably low hung jeans.

After her wedding to British banking heir James Rothschild in the summer of 2015, giving her an even more moneyed double barron last name, the 34 year old has since reemerged with what appears to be a newfound Queen Bee level of confidence, coming into her own as a scene staple.

And not soon enough. With Ivanka Trump no longer in town, and Olivia Palermo seemingly living under a rock somewhere in Brooklyn, the city's been missing a designated rich girl to photograph. Not a week goes by without photos of Nicky caught casually on the streets of Soho, or hitting the fashion and charity circuits hard. 

Clearly, the girl's got everything going for her. And while there's no doubt you're more than familiar with Mrs. Hilton Rothschild, flip through for a refresher in all the reasons why she's slated to be the next lady about town to run things in this city.

[Photo by CARL TIMPONE / via @nickyhilton]