We've all been there. It's the morning after a night of festive behavior and all-out debauchery, and boy, does that headache kill. Your feet swing lazily over the side of your bed and the cold floor rushes up to meet you faster than you realize. You have to get up and go to your friend's birthday brunch, an idea that seems equally as unfathomable as it does horrendous given the state you're in. Water just won't cut it; you need some kind of magic potion to re-orient yourself with the alcoholic arena (fans of both drinking and alliteration will like that sentence, there's something in it for everybody). The best course of action in that particular scenario is to follow the golden rule of day drinking: the best detox is retox. 

Bloody Marys are that potion: that spicy, tangy, salty and refreshing nectar of Dionysus - whom, for those who don't know, is the Greek god of the grape harvest and alcohol. His harvest brings together both joy and ecstasy, but also chaos and misery; so I think it's safe to say the dude knows a bit about hangovers. Were the son of Zeus here today, I'm sure he would agree with this list. Here you'll find NYC's most satisfying - and revitalizing - Bloody Marys. 

[Photo via @bedfordballers]