After a two-year hiatus, the world's most famous "secret" dinner party finally returns to New York on Monday, September 19th - just in time for its big 10th anniversary! 

Chances are you've seen the stylish crowds dressed in white mysteriously traveling in groups on the streets of the city, or have seen friends posting from the event on Instagram. Diner en Blanc, the annual culinary pop-up which is held in 120 cities across the globe, is both notoriously exclusive and fantastically democratic - to attend you must have attended before (or risk spending some time on a wait list) but once you're in you become a part of an international community of DIY diners who work together to create the most glamorous, one-night-only flash mob fete of the year.

So what should you expect when you finally get the coveted confirmation? We asked Christine Tripoli, a longtime organizer of Diner en Blanc New York, for some of her top tips for first-timers.

[Photos courtesy Diner en Blanc]