You can book a flight to Aspen or The Alps, but you definitely can't buy a plane ticket back in time. Unless, of course, you're swinging by the TWA Hotel. The landmark flight center, turned nostalgic hotel, turned instant Instagram sensation at John F. Kennedy airport, which is already bursting with retro glamour, has somehow managed to get even chicer.

This week, it launched the The Runway Chalet, a 1960s-inspired ski lodge lounge at the Pool Bar, the hotel's rooftop watering hole which boasts an actual watering hole - a "pool-cuzzi," to be specific, which is heated at over 95 degrees all winter long.

Operated, like the property's other drink destinations, by Gerber Group, the après-swim escape serves up Idlewild Hot Toddys (Sailor Jerry spiced rum and hot apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick), spiked hot cocoa, charcuterie, and oh-so-appropriate pots of cheese and chocolate fondue around a vintage, mid-century fireplace. Plenty of ways to warm up after a dip in the pool-cuzzi. If you'd prefer to stay bundled up and dry, however, head down to the tarmac and take an ice skating spin in the TWA Rink.

Whether you're looking for an excuse to channel your inner Betty Draper, or are just craving an Alpine vacation on the cheap, this funky pop-up can't be missed. 

Click through for a sneak peek inside!

[Photos courtesy TWA Hotel]