Even though we live in a city as superficial and image-obsessed as New York City, living authentically and all that profound New Age bullshit is all the rage right now. Whether those holistic, bohemian practices are too ridiculous to work or not, we still love trying them out! One practice that's been proven to have a never-ending list of benefits? Meditation. That's right, spending just 10 minutes a day trying to center yourself has been proven to make you happier, make you look younger, improve your memory, and so much more. The point of meditation is to loosen a vice grip you have on reality and to separate it from any defeatist or troublesome thoughts that may hinder your personal growth. Affirmations help develop a meditation mindset, so we crafted some perfect ones that would be fitting for a cosmopolitan chick (or bro!) to get their Namaste on!

[Photo via @mikutas]