An Adult-Only Slumber Party At The American Museum Of Natural History?

by Christie Grimm · April 14, 2017

    Yes. You read that correctly. While you're probably familiar with the whole night at the museum shtick, an adorable evening for kids and classes, likely filled with pizza and sleeping bags, apparently the spirit building of Teddy Roosevelt also offers a series of such sleepovers for adults. 

    If fake woolly mammoths, giant whales, and dinosaurs are your thing, you'll want to book your spot for the next two events dates - May 5th and June 30th. Though hopefully you don't spook too easily, as the museum's new Mummies exhibit will be on display.

    So what do you get for the $350 ticket price? Well, it's a whole lot cheaper than most hotels in New York, plus it includes a champagne reception, a jazz trio performance, buffet dinner, midnight snacks, a flashlight lit fossil fact-finding tour, a live-animal exhibition, plus, and get excited, a cot set up under everybody's favorite blue whale.

    So yeah, while there's no Ben Stiller guest appearance, that we know of, all in all, kind of a crazy way to spend a Friday night, no?

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