An After-Hours Scavenger Hunt & Dance Party At The Museum Of Natural History?!

by Stephanie Maida · April 11, 2018

    What we could only guess will be a real-life scene out of everyone's favorite Ben Stiller movie (made much more glamorous, of course), the American Museum of Natural History is hosting a night at the museum this week that seriously cannot be missed.

    Running through the mummy-filled halls after dark - in heels?! Count us in.

    On Thursday, New York's young philanthropists will be gathered in their celestial best for the AMNH Moon Dance: Night Journey, an evening which will kick off with an epic scavenger hunt throughout the museum, followed by a late night rager under the stars. Certainly not the worst way to round out your week.

    You down? Tickets for the entire event (including scavenger hunt) are $250, but if you're just ready to party, the dancing and dessert portion will cost you $200. 

    Go HERE for more info and don't forget to scan our calendar for more events like this one!

    [Photo via @amarisrw]