Birchbox & Maman Are Giving Women Free Coffee In Honor Of Equal Pay Day

by Stephanie Maida · April 10, 2018

    As much as meninist trolls like to argue otherwise, the gender pay gap is still a real issue plaguing our seemingly advanced society today. On average, women are paid 80 cents of every dollar a man makes, and the discrepancy is even more severe for women of color. Today, April 10th, marks Equal Pay Day, the date the average woman must work into the new year to make up the same earnings a man has the year before.

    Talk about a wake up call.

    In order to bring awareness to the disturbing figures (and treat women to much-needed boost), Birchbox has teamed up with Maman's multiple cafe locations across the city to provide a free cup of coffee to all the hardworking ladies who certainly deserve more recognition - and more dough.

    Each Instagrammable cup features ways to enact change when it comes to the wage gap, so stop in, take a sip, and share the important facts on social media!

    Here's where you can grab a cup:

    Soho, 239 Centre Street (7am to 6pm)
    Tribeca, 211 W Broadway (7am to 6pm)
    Nomad, 22 W 25th Street (7am to 7pm)
    Meatpacking, 837 Washington St (11am to 7pm)
    Greenpoint, 80 Kent Street (7am to 6pm)

    [Photo via @alyssabrieloff]