Despite a sudden uptick in slow-moving tourists and the overwhelming sense of commercialism that's taken over in recent years, we still can't help but love the iconic food hall fueling the Meatpacking District. 

This week, Chelsea Market, housed in an expansive factory space once owned by Nabisco, finalized its sale to Google (its across-the-street neighbor) to the tune of $2.4 billion. While the birthplace of the Oreo (seriously!) will reportedly remain untouched by the sale, its former owner, real estate and investment company, Jamestown, told the Wall Street Journal that it hopes to expand the concept across Europe and the U.S. Considering just how successful the all-in-one hot spot has remained after two decades, it's not a bad idea.

However, nothing will come close to New York's OG. In honor of the recent news, we've decided to list a few reasons why we're still obsessed with the place.

[Photos via @primeconceptsFacebook]