An Underground Black Tie Shooting Range In NYC? Welcome To Tiro A Segno

Tucked away in a series of three brownstones on MacDougal is the Tiro A Segno of New York. Nondescript other than a proud Italian flag waving above its door and a red awning with its signature seal marking the entrance, this Manhattan social club has no qualms about keeping itself quiet. Quiet, that is, except for those in the know. Insiders of this institution would be able to tell you that the members-only club, which was established in 1888 by an exclusive group of Italian sportsmen, feels more like an extended family than an elite cult. Fondly referred to simply as Tiro, the Greenwich Village clubhouse has survived both World Wars and the Depression. And although members now spend weekends fine-dining rather than jaunting off to Staten Island for pheasant shooting and speak more English than Italian, Tiro hasn't lost any of its old-school charm. We're talking sumptuous lounge décor, truly authentic Italian cuisine, fashion shows, golf outings, and...a black tie rifle range in the basement?! Click through to see why this club is really worth playing up the Italian side of your family, no matter how distant!

[Photos via @bill__x, @eastofnormal, @mattycjrTiro A Segno of New York]