There's nothing sadder than watching a beloved New York neighborhood slip into empty storefronts and bare streets. A sad phenomena all too common these days.

Tree-lined, history-filled Bleecker Street is as charming as they come. And now, thanks to a partnership between Skylight and Brookfield Properties, things are about to get all the more so. 

Love, Bleecker is an exciting new project set on the revitalization of Bleecker Street, creating a reimagined urban landscape engaging art, commerce, and culture. Giving things a much needed sprucing up, they're bringing in conceptual art installations, such as colorful tree wraps designed and painted by artist Alexa Meade, regular music programming by Rolling Stone and community music partners - not your average street musicians, that's for sure - and some seriously exciting storefronts.

Acquiring four shop spaces along the street, Love, Bleecker has chosen the perfect brands to bring some more life to the area, all of whom will count this as their very first storefronts. There's Prabal Gurung's new boutique (a couture lover's dream), Slightly Alabama (an amazing men's store with all the leather goods your heart could desire), Bonberi & Fleurotica (a plant-based bodega and brilliant florist mashup), and Lingua Franca (the cashmere company that sews it like it is). 

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