Breath in the City

by guestofaguest · December 10, 2007

     Gracie Garden Apartments

    The Gracie Garden Apartments building, located on East 89th Street, is a relatively normal, attractive, brick building co-op on Manhattan's east side. had the following assesment:

    It has a doorman and protruding air-conditioners and consistent fenestration. It has no garage, no health club, no balconies and no terraces.

    The building certainly has a doorman, however, a crucial piece of information is missing.  One of the building's doormen, Jonah Seeman, has been getting attention for all the wrong reasons.  Apparently Seeman, a 40 year-old veteran, was given a 1 day suspension because of bad breath.

    Seeman must be blasting some pretty foul air around!  He claims he brushes his teeth and uses mouth wash (and has recently cut down on garlic and onions).  Seeman seems to be bedeviled by bad breath, having been suspended twice before for his halitosis.  This of course leads us to wishing we too could suspend friends/co-workers or people around us that have "dog breath".  You know, the people who smell as if something crawled into their mouth, died, and is now rotting.

    Bad Breath