It's easy to get land locked and forget that the beach is only a short journey away.  Want to learn how to surf but are not sure how to get started? Like most new activities,  you probably played around with the Google button on the internet machine for a while and came up with a small list of surf schools to choose from. You'd be surprised at how many surf schools there are within an hour's reach. There are, however, a few things you need to understand before you pick an instructor or class and hit the beach. 

Surfing is not something that you can just pick up overnight. It's something that takes a lot of practice, patience and effort. That all being said - not everyone here is gonna be the next Johnny Utah. You don't have to start taking lessons with lofty ambitions of being the world's best shredder - you might just be trying to catch the stoke that comes from surfing. No matter what your level of experience, what you hope to gain from your lesson, or how many members are in your party - there is undoubtedly a surfing program for you. You don't have to travel as far as you might think in order to catch a few swells. All you gotta do is get out there, Jah feel?

[Photo via @localssurfschool]