Casually Killing It: All-In-One Date Ideas Fit For The Season

The interest of the quest, the thrill of the hunt, the unscrupulous and tenacious capture. The dating scene in New York is a lot like the real estate market. A couple of failed friend recommendations and online searches and you find yourself wondering, am I looking to rent or waiting to buy? Whether your heart is aching for that Brooklyn vibe or your mind is screaming for an uptown girl, there is little harder to master than the art of a date served up well done.

Maybe your last relationship didn't work out because she was planning on endorsing Trump while you were campaigning for Netflix and seamless. Now, wherever you find yourself and whoever with, make the food tasty, the drinks chilled, and the scene nothing but made in Manhattan.

With open hearts and hungry souls let sumptuous eats, naive spirits, and batting eyelashes keep some NYC romance alive. Besides, what goes better with oysters and caviar than crashing the Tinder surf and dusting off some clammy pre-date palms?

[Photo via @rubengabrielnavarro]