Celebrating St. Patty's Day In NYC Through Instagram

by Chelsea Burcz · March 19, 2012

    Guests painted the town green over the weekend, as the drinking mecca of holidays caused citywide hangovers on Sunday morning (I don't doubt you aren't still hurting at this very moment). Let's take a look back at "Drink Guinness Until You Only Have One Eye Open Day," otherwise known at St. Patrick's Day, in NYC.

    While some decided to go the more traditional route...

    Others kept up Irish traditions such as celebratory drinking... and drinking. Oh, and did I mention drinking?

    Of course, green was en  vogue for the day, but when else can you see men (not including Marc Jacobs) walking the streets in skirts kilts?

    Need a green necklace? No? How about a green feather headband that with sparkly streamers on the top?

    And for those a wee bit under the drinking age, the St. Patty's Day Parade was most likely the highlight of the holiday.

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