Matcha Madness has hit New York with full force, thanks to a tropical paradise tucked away on Broome Street devoted to green tea's long-lost cousin. While Matcha is not new to New York, Cha Cha Matcha presents yet another hot spot dedicated to the chic superfood. On any given day, there's a gaggle of leggy babes, fashionistas, and editors sippin' their greens in their #OOTD. The prevalence of these unique drinks and treats should come as no surprise to any Snapchat or Instagram user. The pistachio-hued beverages have already gained a cult following and count Gigi Hadid and Xhesika Berberi among fans.

Matcha novices will be pleased to find that the tea is an easy transition from coffee, due to the pleasantly mild taste. At its roots, matcha is a high-quality green tea, which makes it pretty comparable to coffee in terms of caffeine levels. Matcha fanatics swear by the drink because it offers a boost, without the jitters. 

The menu at this Nolita spot includes mainstays like a traditional matcha latte, in addition to exciting variations like a matcha lemonade. Those with a sweet tooth will definitely gravitate towards the matcha soft-serve. There are also a variety of pastries infused with matcha, ranging from loafs to cronut-like concoctions. We've never been so excited to eat our greens.

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