There's no question that New Yorkers are the proud kings and queens of multitasking. Hey, we're busy and important. And even when it comes to taking a break, we're not about to put that multi-hyphenate swag on pause. Enter Chillhouse, the new Lower East Side spot that's one part café, one part nail salon, and one part massage parlor, all 100% chic.

The zen-like escape is a cool kid dream, already frequented by fashionable busy bees sipping on Beet-chatas and Matcha Lattes in colors vibrant enough to rival the polish designs on their perfectly curated nails. After all, the space is the brainchild of Cyndi Ramirez (a street stylin' boss babe and founder of Taste The Style), and Den Hospitality, the wave-making group we can thank for nightlife faves like The Garret, Dinnertable, and most recently, The Lately

One trip will get you hooked. From the cheeky menu (caffeinated sips like teas and brews from Parlor Coffee are listed on the 'Turn Me On' section, while chilled out drinks including the Ube-Bey Latte, Beet-chata, and beer and wine are on the 'Wind Me Down' side), to the expertly Instagrammable nail designs by Lady Fancy Nails, everything about this downtown haven will have you feeling chill AF. And that's before you even get a targeted massage curated by Will Lewis (formerly of Exhale Spas). Book "The Hangover Cure" or "The Chill Pill" and you're on a one-way road to relaxation nation. 

According to Cyndi, the luxe but accessible all-in-one was "conceptualized out of pure necessity... I always felt something was lacking in [the spa] space. Chillhouse is our solution to that: a fresh approach to relaxing services that you can enjoy at your own will.”

And enjoy we shall. Book your chill here and click through for an inside look!

Chillhouse, 149 Essex St.