Cruel Intentions: The Musical Returns Off-Broadway Tonight!

by Millie Moore · December 11, 2017

    Get out your stash cross necklace and hit up Sniffany and Co. (a.k.a. your dealer) because it's time to turn up. Why's that? Cruel Intentions: The Musical is heading back to (Le) Poisson Rouge after its sold-out run earlier this year.

    We know, we know, you cringed a little at the "musical" part. Sure, you want your future husband to have the integrity of The Lion King's Mufasa and your favorite birthday tradition is watching The Sound of Music while eating takeout with your gold digging mom, felon dad, and sadsack older sister (oh wait, that's just Kaitlin Cooper from The O.C.), but musicals in general suck. Maybe they were tainted by that NYU Tisch guy with a poetry blog you made the mistake of dating who forced you to listen to his rap comedy album. Or maybe you didn't have to sacrifice your dignity to hate musical theater because Ryan Murphy and Glee ruined it enough. 

    But Cruel Intentions: The Musical, though? Sounds pretty cool. Plugging your ears during cornball show tunes and texting through scenes when it's just Sebastian and Annette brooding and having monotone missionary sex? Sounds pretty iconic because that just makes it Kathryn Merteuil: The Play. Love it already. We all know she's the best part

    [Photo via Cruel Intentions]