Rentable Mini Yards Are Coming To The City!

by Jewels Tauzin · March 16, 2021

    If you've so much as opened a Streeteasy tab in your life, you know that green space in New York is a hot commodity. And in a city with people living stacked on top of one another (#highriselife), it’s pretty crucial to have a place to go outside of your studio apartment! 

    Craving your own small square of grass? Well you are so not alone! And lucky for all of us, NYC Lawn Club is about to ease the struggle. 

    Coming this fall to the Fulton Market Building in the Seaport District, the urban oasis will be renting out an assortment of indoor and outdoor "backyard" plots, complete of course with classic lawn games like cornhole, croquet, bocce and more! Not to mention lots of chairs and couches for optimal lounging.

    Finally - something to look forward to!

    [Photos via Howard Hughes Corporation]