Bringing Back the Drive-In Theater

by guestofaguest · September 26, 2007


    When I was a little girl, there was an extremely popular Drive-In movie theater that was located just down the street from my house, in the middle of a giant empty field. I remember the day it closed for a new plastic-filled park. My sister and I cried for almost an hour. Memories of watching movies like Dirty Dancing, Goonies, and Ghostbusters are anything but vague ones for me. They are some of my sharpest images of youth I have carried on with me. I have always thought that the idea of a Drive-In theater was a genius one. Afterall, Americans love their cars, and they love their movies. How charmingly old-fashioned and glamorous would it be to get served a popcorn and coke sitting in a drive-in today. I wanted to open one, but thankfully someone beat me to it. DRV-IN opened on the Lower East side just weeks ago at 139 Norfolk St. and it has become so popular that they had to add another showtime! Now you can get your candy and popcorn during a drive in movie at 4pm Monday through Friday (as well as 7pm and 10pm Mon-Sun). Instead of $0.75 a pop, like the movies I remember attending at my local drive-in, these babies are $75.00 a show. With the '65 Ford Falcon provided, it will no doubt be the best $75 I spend all week.