Egg Roll Squirrel Is The New Pizza Rat

by Stephanie Maida · January 3, 2019

    In New York City, even the wildlife prefers takeout. 

    After three years of holding the title, the infamous subway slice-eating Pizza Rat has been replaced as the city's animal mascot by a new hungry hero. Allow us to introduce Egg Roll Squirrel.

    On January 2nd, the chubby, Chinese food-loving rodent was captured in a now-viral video posted by Twitter user @whatisny, chilling in a tree and chowing down on a full, human-sized egg roll. 

    From his expert munching method to, well, his robust size, it really doesn't seem like he's new to the egg roll game.

    Squirrels, they're just like us - messing up their New Year's diet just two days in.