“Girl of My Dreams”

by guestofaguest · November 6, 2007


    Forget Craigslist. After the multiple creepy instances that have occurred, there is little chance for you ever meeting your "missed connection" on there. And if that person is actually looking on CL for a missed connection they are most likely crazy anyway. So, what's a person to do? Well that seems to be the question that Brooklynite Patrick Moberg was pondering after he saw the girl of his dreams on the 5 train heading to Greenpoint last Sunday night. He decided to do something about it and his answer was in the above sketch that he made and designed for his own website titled NYGirlOfMyDreams.com

    We hope he finds his girl. Here's his flickr page as well...seems like a decent guy. At least not crazy from what we can tell. If anything, it would be a really great story to tell the grandkids.