Hipster on Houseboats...Really On To Something?

by guestofaguest · January 9, 2008


    [Photo from NYTimes]

    It is rough being a hipster these days.  No longer can you expect cheap digs in places like Williamsburg, Dumbo, or even Long Island City.  Nope, the areas that YOUR PEOPLE founded and made part of the "cool club", are now "too cool" for you.  What's a striving hipster to do?  Well the more savvy ones are taking matters into their own hands.  As Jim Dwyer reports, today's "Young and Broke in the City, are Staying Afloat."  Brian Markey, a 28 year old gardener in the Bronx and his roommate Owen Cahillane may be the hippest of the hipsters.  Months ago, they moved into a 250 sq. ft. houseboat in Westchester Creek and are content in knowing that they will never have to fear their neighborhood becoming gentrified (at least not throughout their time spent in hipster-land phase).  Map of where they are located:

    westchester creek

    Sure, these two will have their share of heat and humidity issues, but they will forgo having to worry about any ibankers or urbanite families embarking on their territory.  Maybe Markey is on to something.  “The novelty of a party on a houseboat gets people here.  If we advertised it as a party in a small room a few blocks off the 6 train, I doubt we’d get many.” The graduate of Loyola University claims.  (Picture of Markey at his recent NCAA Football party shown above).  Did we mention they spend $400 each on rent?