Do you love taking pictures of your dog? Do you love taking pictures of other people's dogs? Well, sit down, because your mind is about to be blown.

Introducing the best thing to happen since the puppy ear filter on Instagram, the Disney World for dogs, Human's Best Friend. An experiential pop-up designed to delight, this place is room after room of colorful, cheeky fun for your pup - and just as importantly, for you. Fire hydrant toilets, a little 'Lady and the Tramp' dinner scene, a mountain of soft toys, a rainbow bridge, a water bowl full of balls. The fun never seems to end. And with 10% of profits directly benefiting participating rescue organizations, packing up your pooch for an afternoon of Instagrammable moments is kind of a no-brainer.

Open through November 12th, buy your tickets today!

And now, please enjoy a slideshow of the cutest, furriest photos you'll see all day.