Apps: Raya

This newly launched app (as of ~a year ago) has largely kept its popularity under wraps, perhaps in part with their ploy for maintaining exclusivity. Nonetheless, the community of individuals that Raya fosters is arguably one of the hottest out there, and we mean that literally. Known for hosting a range of celebrity profiles (from the rumored account of Raven Symoné to countless YouTube beauty gurus), Raya has a secret panel of judges who review applicants based on their Instagram profiles because, duh, what better way to objectively judge a person's qualified worth than via their self conceived overly-filtered selfie-baring Instagram accounts? According to the makers behind Raya, they chose Instagram-based judgement because "it is by far the most creative and expressive network with wide adoption" - we should also note here that the term 'creative' is thrown out quite a bit when describing both the atmosphere of and individuals on this app. Lastly, your chances of consideration as an applicant are slim to none if you're not referred to an app by an existing member, so get talking. 


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