Monopoly Idiots

by STEPHANIE WEI · September 3, 2008

    monopoly[Photo taken by Brett Konner]

    This picture taken on a Metro-North train appears like a typical advertisement contrived to catch your attention and promote taking a chance at winning the NY Lottery. Take another look. Don't blink...or you might miss it. Get it?

    Confused? The caption reads "Collect UP TO $200 OR MORE." So, technically speaking, if you collect "up to" $200, it means any amount of money between $0 and $200, including $200 but not more than $200. But WAIT, if you collect $200 or more, it means any amount of money OVER $200. Here's a question to the creators of this brilliantly flawed ad: Why didn't the sign just say "Collect F*cking Money"?!

    How much did the NY State Lottery pay the Ad Men, not to mention, how much did they for the advertising space? And an even better question, how did everyone including the powers-that-be miss it? Pink slips should be in order...