My new Guilty Pleasure

by guestofaguest · September 20, 2007


    Okay I absolutely loved the first episode of Gossip Girl. It definitely was dramatic in the way that only a teenage-drama-series could be, but I predict it will be a hit.  First of all Blake Lively is awesome (and only 20 years old, not 30 as many suspected).  The fact that I am able to love her character (Serena Van Der Woodsen-perfectly fitting and totally legitimate name) after she slept with her best friend's boyfriend (in an ultra hot scene might I add), takes good acting.  Dan and Nate are super hot, and Chuck is the epitome of the East coast "bad boy".  Their school "The Constance Billard School for Girls" is based off of the real life "Nightengale-Bamford School" where the author Cecily Von Ziegesar (again fitting name) actually attended on the Upper East Side.  I loved the music (especially when "Hang me up to dry" by the Cold War Kids came on), I loved the pot smoking in central park, and when Serena explains to Blair that their friendship runs too deep to end (she can always of course count on her to "dance on the tables at Bungalow 8"-that place HAS seen its day).  Love the limo rides (true), all the text messages (true), and drinks in the Madison Room at the Palace Hotel (probably untrue although when your parents own the place who knows).  I also loved the scene in Henri Bendel and the fact that Chuck's dad needs him to stay with Blair so that he can get in on her mom's IPO (definitely has happened here more than once).  God I loved this show, so much so that I think I will have to do a review after every episode.  Oh does anyone else think that Leighton Meester, the 21 year old actress that plays Blair Waldorf, is just divine!  It's like watching Olivia Palmero up on TV!  In fact, so far from what I have seen, I think that they did an impeccable job of casting this series.  I haven't been this excited about a show in awhile.  My other choices for this fall will be "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "The Office", and of course "Weeds" which has already begun.  Gossip Girl however, is set to be my most secret guilty-pleasure of the fall.