Hold Up - NYC *Isn't* Named The Best City For Shopping In The World?!

by Stephanie Maida · May 9, 2022

    If baseball is America's national pastime, then shopping is New York's. We mean, what else is there to do all day before the clock strikes Happy Hour? Uh, you know, besides work?

    From the designer boutiques lining the cobblestone streets of Soho to the grand flagships of Fifth Avenue, Manhattan was practically made to be a shopper's paradise - assuming, of course, that you step out in shoes comfortable enough for a day-long spree. 

    So you can just imagine our shock - and the blow to our pride - when we learned NYC might not technically be the best city for shopping in the world. Like, sure, there's Paris, but it's even harder to lug around your armful of bags over there!

    But alas, according to a new consumer research study conducted by the UK-based Hey Discount, New York doesn't even break the Top 5 list. After analyzing data based on the number of shopping malls, top designer boutiques, and fashion stores in cosmopolitan destinations around the globe, the agency named Tokyo the number one spot for stylish spending, followed by London, Paris, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    As for New York? It's ranked as number seven! Your move, Eric Adams!

    Check out the full list of rankings below: