Looking hot while putting out our fires

by guestofaguest · June 20, 2007


    Most of our friends are, like us, transplant Manhattanites, coming in from all over the world to live in this great city.  Well, while we certaintly can't speak for everyone, in our case, the firefighters where we came from had jobs that mostly entailed of a lot of training so that they could become prepared for giving tours to children on field trips of the station house, running around town in the fire truck at parades and special events, and helping out with the occasional "emergency".  This is NOT the case in New York.  These guys are not only on duty, but actually get work, hard work, daily.  Everytime I'm on the phone walking outside it seems like there's a fire siren swarming by.  And yes, it gets rather annoying, but it's also really, really cool.  We love firefighters (especially the men), and we loved starting our morning off today seeing them in action at a building fire on 17th street.  FYI those traveling on the NWRQ train to Union Sq, head out the south end of the park.