NYC Prepares For Hurricane Irene!

by Rachelle Hruska · August 27, 2011

    [We already miss Steve. Without Jobs' direction, the geniuses at the Genius bar are left to their own devices. The Apple Store, Soho,  -Photo via]

    When New Yorkers board up Bergdorfs? That's when you know something crazy is about to go down. The city is in a Hurricane Irene frenzy. With most all of the essentials wiped clean from the shelves (See HERE), the city prepares to go on lock down for the first time in history. Check out some of the latest photos from the ground in NYC..

    [photos via @AJMukamal and David Gruning]

    Just because it's a hurricane, doesn't mean you can't be fashionable [Hurricane Fashion Guide]

    [To add to the already high percentage of alcoholics found here...-via @PeterDavisNYC]

    [NY Tabloids are in sync with hurricane mania. -SoupSoup]

    [The line to get into Whole Foods yesterday. -JessicaChu] ["Whole Foods on Houston is officially out of bananas." -ChiaraAtik]

    [Some good advice. @Seth_Fried]

    [My friend, Danielle Snyder, lives in Zone A. (Where are you gonna go Dannijo!??!) -via]

    [Ugh. I can't think of a more ill-equipped group of people to handle a crisis than the hipsters. -via @jennydeluxe]

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    [Boarded up Bloomies. -via Stephen Keefe]

    [The only weekend in history the city will be completely free of B&T -via @kurtsoller]

    [Duane Reade. (Will masking tape on windows actually do anything?!) -via @littleylittley]

    [It's getting real. -@kmaverick]

    [via @carolhan]

    [via The Daily]