NYC: Doc Herson's Absinthe

AbsintheThe glycolically green potion, adored by Hemingway and Rimbaud and scoured at by prohibitionists and conservatives, was a bohemian staple of the 19th and 20th century. Yet, like all things good and holy, the alcohol laden spirit was banned in the early 1900s for its ‘addictive’ and ‘hallucinogenic’ properties. Those who have a daring nature and love of the discarded have brought this doozy back for your (legal) consumption. Doc Herson's, born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, offers up a drink of time gone by in a coolest of the cool refashioned antique bottle. From the first absinthe distillery in NYC, here’s to something fermented, distilled, herby and potent. Was that Baudelaire? Doc Herson's [Photo via]
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