Public Window Sex Is A Classic NYC Pastime, So Get Over It

by Stephanie Maida · August 2, 2017

    Complaints about people having sex in hotels somehow made the news today thanks to Ian Schrager's new (apparently too) Public Hotel on the Lower East Side. According to the New York Post, elderly neighbors of the hot spot, which also boasts a downstairs dance club and rooftop bar, have been absolutely flabbergasted by the shameless displays of guests getting it on with the blinds open and up against the windows. 

    Of course, to them we say: get over it! We mean, who among us hasn't delighted in the voyeuristic display of either watching or doing the deed in one of The Standard High Line's floor-to-ceiling windows? Hell, back in the '90s, Carrie Bradshaw and Co. even had their own matinee viewing party.

    Unless people are literally squirming around on your stoop, we suggest you look the other way. But even then, it's a little prudish to not just step over them and mind your own business.