Sarah Jessica Parker Is Hosting A Stylish, Shoe-Themed NYC Tour

by Stephanie Maida · September 26, 2017

    Because every Sex and the City bus tour is a cupcake-filled shitshow crowded with tipsy and obnoxious bachelorettes, Sarah Jessica Parker has finally stepped in to make the Carrie Bradshaw experience just a little more chic.

    An intimate hang with SJP herself is going down on October 6th, as part of Airbnb's new fundraising initiative called "social impact experiences." For $400, four lucky fans and/or fashionistas will kick off the day shoe shopping at Bloomingdale's, learning all about Carrie's - sorry - Sarah Jessica's love for New York, and will finish off with fro-yo at Forty Carrots.

    But that's not all! The shoe-themed day (the "tour" is called Sole of the City, after all) will culminate with a gifted pair of heels from the SJP Collection as well as an evening at the New York City Ballet, which will be 100% benefited by the experience's ticket sales.

    Obviously, as of now, all four spots are sold out, but who knows? Maybe somebody will pull a Natasha and fall down some stairs (kidding, but not really).

    [Photo via Sex and the City]