Standing on the sidewalk in New York City is NOT a crime

by guestofaguest · November 21, 2007


    Matthew Jones found out the hard way.  In 2004 Jones was arrested for not moving on a sidewalk on 42nd street (in Times Square) as he chatted with a friend.  After pleading guilty, and then filing an immediate appeal, the conviction was eventually overturned yesterday.  The judge had the following to say:

    “Something more than a mere inconvenience of pedestrians is required to support the charge. Otherwise, any person who happens to stop on a sidewalk — whether to greet another, to seek directions or simply to regain one’s bearings — would be subject to prosecution under this statute.”

    Matthew Jones, we thank you for protecting our right to stop on a sidewalk and collect our bearings, greet friends, shoot the shit, look up into the sky, make a nuisance of ourselves to pedestrians and tourists alike, and a host of other sidewalk clogging fun.  Hell, this is New York isn't it?!

    On further thought: This law needs to be instated IMMEDIATELY!!!  Have you BEEN on the sidewalks yet today??!  Or at least during high traffic seasons (such as the Holidays).  I mean it is impairing our ability to get to work!  Stop standing in place gawking people...besides looking like complete morons, you are extremely aggravating those of us that are actually trying to do something productive with our day!  MOVE ON!