Take Home "The World's Best" Irish Coffee Today (Or Try Making It Yourself)

by Stephanie Maida · March 17, 2021

    The best part about working from home on St. Patrick's Day? There's no one around to judge you (or stop you, for that matter) when it comes to giving your midday brew a little boozy kick. Come on, it's a holiday!

    Whether you're feeling festive enough to start your celebrations early, or are waiting for a more respectable hour before indulging, there's only one way to truly appreciate a good ol' Irish coffee, and that's the Dead Rabbit's way.

    It should come as no surprise that the frequently-named "World's Best Bar" serves up what's hailed as the "World's Best" Irish coffee, and this St. Paddy's Day the iconic FiDi staple is toasting to the occasion by offering up a complete kit for revelers to enjoy the classic sip at home.

    Fittingly set up like a Happy Meal for grownups, the kit includes all the ingredients you need to whip up their famous Irish coffee, along with a whole bottle of Bushmills Original whiskey, branded cocktail tools, and two specialty glasses - all for just $100. You can pick it up at the Dead Rabbit's merch store in person or order a kit straight to your door.

    If you've got no time to spare and want to try DIY-ing the recipe from scratch, you're in luck. Our friends at Food52 have let us in on the Dead Rabbit's secrets:

    -No mucking about with Bailey’s here—just whiskey.
    -The coffee should be hot, but not be allowed to sit and burn.
    -Demerara sugar is used as a sweetener for its for rich, toffee-like notes.
    -The coffee and sugar should be combined before they are added to the whiskey.
    -The cream should be very softly whipped and well-chilled to provide a striking texture and temperature contrast to the hot spiked coffee underneath.

    Full Recipe:

    -1.25 ounces Irish whiskey 

    -4 ounces hot, but not scalded coffee (about 75°C)

    -5/8 ounces Rich Demerara syrup (combine two parts demerara sugar to one part water and cook until the sugar dissolves; keep until needed)

    -1 ounce heavy cream, softly whipped

    1. Add the Irish whiskey to a tall, heat-tolerant glass, preferably an Irish Coffee glass. If you have Irish Coffee glasses I am impressed with you. I use jars. Combine the coffee and 5/8 oz. Demerara syrup separately from the whiskey, then add it to the glass with the whiskey and stir gently.

    2. Float the whipped cream over the top and grate a bit of nutmeg over the whipped cream. Serve.


    [Photo by @shannonshootscocktails via @deadrabbitnyc]