The GofG Week In Review...

by Rachelle Hruska · April 13, 2009

    [Photo by Ben Watts]

    Do you feel like you missed something this week on GofG? Let me get you caught up....

    Katy Perry rocked Hiro Ballroom at Paper Magazine's Beautiful People Party on Thursday night.  She was so good that over 4000 people tried to get in, leaving the Magazine's own editor, Peter Davis, along with Mick Rock out on the curb. [Peter Davis Not Let Into His Own Party]

    Summer's on the way and one of our favorite organizations: Heart of the Hamptons hosted a party inspiring me to put together a pre-summer guide to what's to be expected out East this year. [A Special Summer Update]

    Steve Lewis has been at BlackBook Magazine for a year.  To celebrate, there was a huge party at Greenhouse. [Steve Lewis' Party]

    We got the scoop on the newest nightclub set to open in our city...PM will be reincarnated to "Griffin," and we are excited to see if people will be willing to head into Meatpacking to check it out. [Breaking News]

    Charity:Water has been building wells with dollars from it's fund raising parties all week. They've also been throwing more parties with the help of Lauren Bush and Monique Pean. [Monique Pean for Charity Water]

    People kept their clothes on at the Box, surprising everyone.  Also, they read parts of the Bible?!  Something like that. [The Bible at the Box]

    GenART took the city by storm last week.  There were movies and parties galore, but one of our most favorites was the one that ended it all. [GenArt Ending Party]

    Jill Zarin's daughter did her part to help save the planet with a Green Prom. The desperate real housewives came to show their support of course. [Green Prom]

    We ended the week with a look at the cars that will be gracing our highways next year at the preview gala dinner for the East Side Settlement house at the 2009 auto show. [Cars Cars Cars]