Fashion is in the air and the fall issues of all your favorite glossies have hit the shelves. As Carrie Bradshaw once (albeit problematically) said, "sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more."

For those of us experiencing similar cravings, there's only one place to go. Enter Casa Magazines, a mecca for print media and the people that still consume it. The newsstand, located on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 12th Street, is a West Village gem. Though it looks unassuming enough from the outside (save for some highly-curated windows), the neighborhood favorite attracts loyal locals and big wig fashion figures alike - of course, plenty of customers fall into both categories. This is the West Village, after all.

Everyone from André Leon Talley to Tyler Mitchell, the 23-year-old who recently became the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover in the magazine's history (with Beyoncé as his subject, natch), has been known to pop in, along with bloggers and fashion folk looking to stock up on rare and international titles. Or just take a selfie. Sigh.

Owner Mohammed Ahmed, who has run the store since 1995, has acknowledged many visitors' habits of flipping through the pages, snapping some pics, and then neglecting to actually buy anything. According to The Cut, this prompted him to put up some signs that read "No photos of the content." The signs, however, don't seem to deter the 'grammers who are (hopefully) helping to keep the print biz alive. Just a quick scroll through Casa Magazines' geo-tag reveals a bounty of inspired shots that could have easily been pulled straight from the pages of one of the thousands of mags making up the backdrop. Meta!

Click through for a look inside and a round up of some of our favorite Casa 'grams. But remember, if you decide to stop by for your own photo shoot - buy something!

[Photo via @kerifay]