The Surprising NYC Spot Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Just Partied At

by Stephanie Maida · June 7, 2019

    It appears even The Olsens have hopped onto the "Yee Haw" bandwagon (we told you Western was in for in spring!).

    Following their big win as Accessory Designers of the Year at the CFDA Awards on Monday, Mary-Kate and Ashley reportedly took The Row team out for a wild rager in the West Village on Wednesday night. But this was no chi-chi hot spot with a brooding doorman and tight list.

    Rather, the sisters opted for campy bar and restaurant Cowgirl, which serves Southwestern comfort food like Angus beef burgers, fried catfish, and quesadillas, all on country-style checkered tablecloths. The eclectic dive is also decked out in Western paraphernalia like horseshoes and steer horns. Maybe their classic 1994 film, How The West Was Fun, really had a lasting effect.

    One thing's for sure, their crew definitely had a wild, wild time. Videos from the bash show everyone dancing to Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love," with some guests wearing feather boas and beads. 

    Ain't no party like an Olsen Twin party.

    [Photo via @olsenoracle]