There's A Star Wars Pop-Up Bar In Soho, Nerds

by Christie Grimm · November 22, 2017

    Okay. As a preface, this is not the time where I pretend to know any more peripherally pop-culture aided knowledge of Star Wars than the next person. The only movies I can really recall are those with Hayden Christensen. And it's only because Hayden Christensen was in them. So yeah, that should tell you something right there. 

    Moving on though - what, pray tell, would a Star Wars themed pop-up establishment go by? A name even the least involved person would recognize? DarkSide Bar.

    Open only through January 14th, fans are invited to "cross over to the DarkSide Bar and experience the power, fury, and unequivocally macabre environment" (their nerdy words, not ours). If the "macabre environment" isn't enough to get you all hot and bothered, they've a menu of 6 custom cocktails with names spanning the galaxy. There's The Red Force, The Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick. Very on theme, guys. Very on theme.

    To cut the line, reservations will run $33 per person, which includes 2 signature cocktails. Walk-ins will be $40 a person. So like, don't be that guy. 

    More than just food and drinks, this place might just be New York's hottest club (truly à la Stefon). First off, it's taking place inside cool kid hang, San Remo Cafe. Throw in themed dance and DJ nights, trivia, alien speed dating, an intergalactic burlesque show, and games of chance. And no, we've zero idea what any of that means.

    [Editor's Note: Insert reference to the cantina on Tatooine here. God, Christie!]

    The DarkSide Bar, 201 Lafayette Street

    [Photo via @lobacz87]