New Yorkers are constantly told reasons why they should move out of the city: your family misses you, the city is no place to have children, rent is so much cheaper everywhere else, the stress isn't good for you, life is easier in towns with big houses and automobiles. But, we'd like to argue that staying in the city (despite the drudgery and difficulties) is well worth it.

Do you remember why you moved here? Did you want to be an actress? a writer? Were you escaping the bigots in your hometown? Have you achieved your goals yet? If not, don't half-ass it; stay until you make it. The small-minded assholes back home will alway be there.

If you just read Joan Didion's Goodbye to All That and are starting to feel like it's the same faces at every party, then you should remember that Didion moved back to New York. Don't spend the best years of your life in some sad sad sap town compromising.

[Photo via @brandymelvilleusa]